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MILWAUKEE, WI - Zurn Industries, LLC announces its acquisition of The acquired company is located in Greenville, TX and employs over 30 professionals.

Founded two decades ago, manufactures highly specialized stainless steel drains for industries focused in food service, food and beverage production, retail, chemical, commercial, and amusement parks. With food and beverage being one of the primary markets, the 304 or 316 stainless steel drains meet U.S. FDA standards and are designed to protect against bacteria, contamination, and corrosion.

“We’re experts in drainage,” said Mike Hynes, Zurn Director of Product Management. “Our company supports product lines that complement what we offer and meet what our customers are asking for. delivers the same expected benefits of ease of installation for the contractor and long-lasting performance for the building owner in dedicated markets. We look forward to adding to our team, our portfolio, and our innovation.”

Zurn is working on an integration plan and will begin rolling out the product line to customers this year. The domestic manufacturing location will shorten lead times for orders.

Venco introduces new line of Freestanding Tubs.

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