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VIQUA’s Certified Installer Program – an online, self-directed learning tool with enhanced content covering:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) technology

  • Role of UV in water treatment

  • Best practises for installation & maintenance of VIQUA UV systems


What’s new?

The training is now part of and is structured in 9 modules and includes additional resources and video content. Each module requires just 30-40 minutes to complete.


Most significantly, module 2 teaches about recognizing the risk of microbial contamination in water supplies and the application of UV to mitigate it.


Module 4 provides a comprehensive understanding of UV dose and achieving the proper UV dose in an application.


You can earn now 0.5 CEU credits from the Water Quality Association when you complete the 2022 CIP program. Complete all module quizzes and the final exam with a passing grade to qualify.

Who should take CIP from VIQUA?

New hires: Any one new to water treatment or UV systems will benefit from the comprehensive content. Modules 8 (Installation) and 9 (Maintenance) especially are a great complement to in-the-field training.


Sales staff: Recognizing who needs UV as part of a water treatment system – and knowing how to help them understand why – can drive your UV sales.


What if I’m already certified?

If you completed the previous CIP modules prior to April 2, 2022, you are still certified! We invite you to review all the content, though, especially the newer modules (2 and 4).


Plus, if you complete all the module quizzes and the final exam with a passing grade, you can still apply for the WQA continuing education credit. Your account is still valid, so just use your existing username and password to access the new CIP. Don’t know your password? No problem! Click the “Forgotten password” link and it will be reset for you so you can login.


Please do not create a new account. 

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